The Lives Matter Campaign

Progress Namibia - The Lives Matter Campaign
In 2015, the For Progress Namibia project partnered with Twamanguluka to launch the #LivesMatter Campaign. The Lives Matter Campaign is about creating the world we want; for us and for our children. A world in which the holistic value of everyone's wellbeing is actively pursued and attained. It's about connecting with lives instead of treating lives like numbers. Its taking the numbers and giving them faces, names, values, wants and needs and telling them yes you are important; yes, you have talents and capabilities, and the quality of your life matters.

The Gross Domestic Product has been the yardstick by which we measure the improvement of human lives, to such an extent that now even if it does the opposite we value GDP over what it was intended to work towards. For so long we have used GDP to measure progress, and yet GDP does not reflect social justice, improved wellbeing and environmental sustainability. We have forgotten to measure what is truly important.

We are pushing for well rounded and sustainable lives and we believe it needs to start in our conversations, in the media and in our education establishments. In order to start affecting our culture of engagement with lives, we want programmes that are people focused.

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