University of Namibia - Masters of Science

06 March 2015

Dr Justine Braby joined the faculty of UNAM again in 2016 and lectured various components of the Integrated Water, Land Use and Biodiversity Management Course (EBL5931), as part of the Masters in Biodiversity Management Programme.

The lecture series was broken up as follows:

  • 1.The Global System
  • a)Introduction to Systems Thinking
  • b)Planetary Boundaries (a safe operating space for humanity) with focus on Water, Land Use, Biodiversity (and Climate Change)
  • c)Sustainable Development Goals: an intro
  • 2.A Basic Guide to Ecosystem Services
Meadows, D. 2009. Thinking in Systems: A Primer. Earthscan, UK.

Steffen et al. 2015. Planetary Boundaries: Guiding Human Development on a changing Planet. Science. Vol 347:6223

17 Goals. 2015. The Sustainable Development Goals and their Targets.

Millenium Ecosystem Assessment

Weekly Assignment

Individual work

Write a Blog Article on Value Systems as Pertains to Economy, Ecology and Society

Deadline: 16 March 2016

3. Sustainable Management of NR (Land, Water, BD)
  • a)The Human Dimension
  • b)Science and Research-based Action
  • c)Tools (e.g. SLF)
  • d)Case Studies

PROLINNOVA and Farmer Innovation Study

Theory of Change Resource

Sustainable Livelihoods Framework

Lankford et al. 2004. The River Basin Game. Paper for WRM Workshop, South Africa.

Savory (various). Holistic management of rangeland.

Weekly Assignment

Individual work

Compile a list of at least fifteen national and international institutions that work in the field of ILU & WR resources management. Provide the full contact, including a Web Page address if available and write a short profile detailing the organisations' key portfolios/programmes relating to the topic.

Deadline: 31 March 2016

4. Effective communication of NR
  • a)Introduction to communication
  • b)Aichi Target/NBSAP case examples
  • c)Developing effective communication strategies

Namibia's Second National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (2013-2020)

UNCBD Aichi Targets

CEPA Toolkit

Sell the Sizzle

Colleton et al. 2012. Creating pathways for positive change. SAPIENS.

Major assignment

Group work

Develop a communications strategy

Target group: Policy Maker/Parliamentarian

Theme: Identify theme in NBSAPII

Follow guides given and tips from the communications resources provided, work in groups or 2-3.

Deadline: Monday 25 April 2016

[1]All literature provided electronically by lecturer.