Terminal Evaluation of the TEEB Project

06 January 2017

Together with another consultant, Dr Braby was tasked to evaluate the 'Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity - TEEB Phase III' including the project 'TEEB National Implementation: Reflecting the Value of Ecosystems and Biodiversity in Policymaking'. The TEEB initiative aims to promote better understanding of the value of ecosystem services and to offer economic tools that take proper account of this value. The TEEB was launched in 2007, and is now moving into its fourth phase. The TEEB initiative, with the outputs produced in Phases I and II through a combined approach of analytical studies, methodological work and communication and outreach efforts, raised broad interest among policymakers in biodiversity and ecosystem valuation and in mainstreaming and ecosystem considerations in policymaking.

The third phase, or more specifically, the National Implementation part of the third phase, focused on five countries: Philippines, Bhutan, Tanzania, Liberia and Ecuador. The evaluation of both projects focused on assessing performance toward long term impact, as well as promote improvement, learning and knowledge sharing that will inform the development of the next phase project document for TEEB.