Terminal Evaluation of the 'Strengthening ecosystems and development linkages through innovative economic approaches for green growth'

01 May 2016

The Green Growth project 'Strengthening ecosystems and development linkages through innovative approaches for green growth' (or, the Green Growth Project) was an umbrella project on creating policy agendas and mainstreaming of ecosystem services economics. It was managed by the Ecosystem Services and Economics (ESE) Unit of the UNEP Division of Policy Implementation (DEPI). It had various components:

1: Mainstreaming Ecosystem Services into Kazakhstan and Morocco's macro-economic policies and programmes (this was a separate project that was also evaluated separately, go here to find out.

2: Field projects on economic valuation of ecosystem services (Yala Swamp in Kenya, and Sudd Wetland in South Sudan).

3: International Conferences on Regional Workshops on the economic valuation of ecosystem services.

4: Working Groups (e.g. ELD, IWR) to develop products and papers on ecosystem services economic valuation.

Dr Braby was requested to conduct the Terminal Evaluation of this project in order to (a) provide evidence to meet accountability requirements, and (b) to promote operational improvement, learning and knowledge sharing among the wide range of partners that contributed towards this project.

The report is currently being finalised and a two-pager brief of the lessons learned will be shared shortly.

Clients: United Nations Environment Programme, 04/16-09/16