Strengthened Protected Areas System and Ecosystems in Sudan

01 May 2019

Justine was commissioned as the International Expert in Sustainable Land Management for the GEF Full Size Project development of the project "Strengthened Protected Areas System and Integrated Ecosystem Management in Sudan". Together with the international lead and the national team, she developed the five-year project document.

She led the work stream on sustainable land management, particularly the land use aspects around the parks to create better synergies and buffer zones for ecosystems-based management. This included an in-depth review of SLM-relevant national sector development plans, policies and budgets, research and data collection for the baseline situation of SLM in Sudan, a capacity development needs assessment and capacity development plan regarding land degradation and SLM, an assessment of current land use and resource-related conflicts, and developing action-oriented outcomes and outputs for the project. She and the international project lead, with inputs from the national team, developed in-detailed components with related activities that would rehabilitate the parks, integrate community interventions with livelihoods and sustainable land management, community local economy development, enforcement capacities strengthening, and tourism strategic planning. This included two country visits, the first being a three-week mission across the country for field site visits, intensive consultations and meetings, conflict resolutions; the second was a week of presentations and intensive feedback with the implementation partners and stakeholders.

The project was co-developed and finalised by the lead and Justine (i.e. the two international experts) and has since been accepted by the GEF council.