Reviewing and revising UNICEF Namibia Strategy Notes 2019-2023

28 September 2018

We helped UNICEF Namibia develop their Strategy Notes, including theories of change and an umbrella theory of change for the country programme from 2019 to 2023, including the mainstreaming of the SDGs.

1.The Programme Strategy Notes for UNICEF Namibia 2019-2023 consist of four programmatic areas (and individual Strategy Notes):

a.Child Survival and Development (CSD), which focuses on the first decade, and particularly on (1) strengthening multisectoral service delivery systems and build national capacity, (2) maternal, neonatal and child health and nutrition, (3) violence against children, (4) early childhood development, and (5) connecting to the second decade (ADAP).

b.Adolescent Development and Participation (ADAP), which builds on CSD and focuses on (1) sexual reproductive health and HIV, (2) learning and skills development for adolescents, (3) violence against adolescents, and (4) effective adolescent participation in national, regional and local decision-making (that affects them).

c.Child-Friendly Environment (CFE), which is interlinked to CSD and ADAP, and focuses on (1) reduction of multi-dimensional deprivation among marginalised children, (2) use of evidence for the equitable access to government-funded social grants and a more efficient and effective social protection system, and (3) increase recovery and shocks related to climate change, natural disasters and disease outbreaks.

d.Programme Effectiveness (PE), which has the coordination responsibility of the previous three programmatic areas, and will focus on (1) programme coordination, (2) results-oriented programming through data acquisition and analysis, (3) influencing gender-responsive and child-friendly budgeting, (4) communication for development, and (5) nurture strategic partnerships to leverage resources.