Mid-Term Review of the Namibia Climate Project

18 November 2016

Progress Namibia was commissioned by the Hanns Seidel Foundation in Namibia to conduct the Mid-Term Review of their Climate Project, a project that is focusing on contributing to environmental sustainability through awareness-raising on environmental protection and climate change adaptation and mitigation.

The purpose of the Mid-Term Review was to provide an assessment of the impact, progress and effectiveness of the HSF Climate Project, particularly the national information campaign (Think Namibia) developed as part of the Project, against the baseline established in 2015. Specifically, the Mid-Term Review aimed to

  1. Monitor progress towards project results at the mid-point of implementation against the information base established during the Project Baseline Study,
  2. Monitor the implementation and adaptive management to improve outcomes,
  3. Early identification of risks to sustainability, and
  4. Emphasize supportive recommendations for the final stage of the project.

The Mid-Term Review conducted various activities, including a survey, and face to face interviews with project partners and stakeholders.