Lecturer on Training young Namibians on the energy sector - sustainable options to meet Namibia's rising energy demand

01 April 2015

In May 2015, we conducted a half-day seminar for graduates on development in Africa in the face of climate change, analysing different global development challenges and dilemmas, and focusing on innovative development options.

The seminar was broken into two sessions:

Session 1: Development of Africa in the Face of Climate Change

This session was introduced in the context of how we have developed (looking at unsustainable development patters, with a focus on food security and transport) globally, how we in Africa are particularly vulnerable to climate change and how we should contextualize our development in Africa to fit the enhancement of African societies' wellbeing. This session was conducted through a mix of interactive presentations, and working sessions.

Session 2: Climate change through the youth lens

This session introduced the youth development framework, and gave a background on the African Youth Initiative on Climate Change, as well as the Namibian Youth Coalition on Climate Change. It also focused on discussions around innovations of youth and climate change in Africa. This session was conducted through a working carousel, a mix of presentations, Ted Talks, and a Q&A.

Clients: Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, 05/15