Faculty Member of the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

01 July 2016

Dr Braby has been a faculty member of three practitioners seminars for the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, that have taken place for Namdeb and the Town of Oranjemund. The broad aim of the seminars is to prepare decision-makers and planners for the long-term vision and sustainability of the town and company post-diamond mining.

The seminars take place over three full days, and content of each seminar depends on the target audience in question. However, generally, sessions focus on the following:

System pressures and Trends. This involves looks critically at growth and value systems, as well as resource availability and innovations.

Anticipating Change. Seminar delegates are asked to consider looking into the future (2030) and describing their opinions on: Ecosystems and Biodiversity, Energy, Social Systems, Governance and Geopolitical Systems.

Thinking Tools. This involves the idea of sustainability and its relevance, and focuses on growth and its implications, the six capitals, the planetary boundaries, and the Oxfam Donut, with more recent tools including the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Additionally, Justine has been taking the lead on facilitating sessions on measuring progress (beyond GDP) and presenting the ways in which the Harambee Prosperity Plan can be linked to the SDGs towards sustainability in Namibia.

What are the dilemmas? Looking at mobility, food, social/inter-generational equity.

How to integrate sustainability into core strategy? Reflecting on the role of a corporate sustainability strategy, positioning the company's response to societal challenges, unlocking the shift to shared value.

After these introductions, strategizing and visioning takes place, looking at innovation, what is required, mapping next steps, communicating the message, and committing to action.

CISL, Namdeb and the Town of Oranjemund have been working together on strategizing the company, and separately the town's, future strategy.

The most recent seminar focused solely on town transformation - creating the path for Oranjemund to become a sustainable model town.

Client: CISL, (05/15, 09/15, 08/16)