Conducting Vulnerability Assessment for Maurus Nekaro Conservancy in Kavango West, Namibia

28 September 2018

Progress Namibia, during August/September 2018, conducted a community local-level vulnerability assessment of the newly established Maurus Nekaro Conservancy, with the aim to identify measures and actions that can support increased resilience of conservancy members to human-wildlife conflict and climate change.

The Vulnerability Assessment looked at current climate variability, future climate predictions, and associated community vulnerabilities to these. Through the conducting of a conservancy member workshop, along with additional support resources and expertise, the Vulnerability Assessment aims to:

  • Identify the key climate change hazards communities are faced with and the specific related impacts on CBNRM,
  • Propose adaptation actions for the climate change impacts,
  • Differentiate between those actions the community can readily and easily take up and those that require assisted intervention,
  • Make sure to incorporate youth and gender considerations.

This report does this by first outlining the key livelihoods and ecological conditions of the conservancy, summarize the climate change predictions for the region (Kavango West) in which the conservancy falls, and outline the climate risk analysis based on the workshop results.