For Progress Namibia presents wellbeing results to Shandumbala

Progress Namibia - For Progress Namibia presents wellbeing results to Shandumbala
17 May 2016

The Shandumbala community workshop is a workshop that was conducted at the multipurpose centre on the 16th of April 2016 with the citizens of Shandumbala (a suburb in Katutura, Windhoek). It was conducted to present the results of the study entitled Citizen Wellbeing and GDP: Towards more appropriate measures of Namibia's success and progress. The workshop also served as a platform to discuss options and activities on improving these results within the community. The workshop was well attended with officials designated from various spheres of government, these including; officials from The City of Windhoek, National Planning Commission, UNDP, and the Councillor’s Office and they all gave their insight. On the other hand, the forefront of the project, being the residents living in Shandumbala ranged from elderly leaders, youth and children. This made the workshop attendance satisfactory and led to great discussions constituting different opinions. Through various conducted methods of facilitation carried out by the facilitators, community members were able to identify key focal areas such as circulating issues that needed to be resolved, community strengths that can best be described as things currently working for them in the community and lastly, possible activities towards improving the results of the study on wellbeing and bringing about anticipated change in the community of Shandumbala.
The workshop gave birth to an action plan to take forward feasible activities identified by the community. We are currently working on this action plan in consultation with the Councillor’s office to make sure community members take ownership of their proposed activities to bring about change in their Community and to built on existing community strengths. For more details please have a look at our workshop report, and view our little summary video here. We will be sharing the action plan once it has been approved by the Councillor, and the participants.