Seven ways to Think Like a 21st Century Economist

Progress Namibia - Seven ways to Think Like a 21st Century Economist
03 July 2017

This morning, I was inspired by a tweet shared by Kate Raworth, an economist who wrote the book 'Doughnut Economics: Seven ways to think like a 21st century economist'. Her tweet shared an experience she had that made me go to her blog and find some tools to use to start thinking 'new economy' for the bigger picture thinker. Raworth has been working with stop-motion animators to bring new economic thinking to life in the form of short videos. There are eight videos driven by the following logic:

1. Change the Deal (From GDP do doughnut)

2. Tell a New Story (From the neoliberal narrative to a story fit for our times)

3. Nurture Human Nature (From rational economic man to social adaptable humans)

4. Get Savvy with Systems (From mechanical equilibrium to dynamic complexity)

5. Design to Distribute(From 'growth will even it up again' to distributive by design)

6. Create to Regenerate (From growth addicted to growth agnostic)

7. Be agnostic about Growth (Coming soon - not out yet!)

8. And now...Its Time for Planetary Economics.

I have watched a few, and while I find some slightly oversimplified, they do give a basic understanding folded up in neat one-minute packages easy(ish) to digest.

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