Reinhold Mangundu visits Marrakesh for Young Africa Leaders Summit and COP22

Progress Namibia - Reinhold Mangundu visits Marrakesh for Young Africa Leaders Summit and COP22
10 November 2016

Today we said good-bye to Reinhold Mangundu at the airport as he was on his way to Marrakesh, Morocco to join the dialogue for young ecologists called The Inner Dimensions of Climate Change organised by The Global Peace Initiative of Women (GPIW), an official participating organization of the 2016 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change civil society/NGO forum. The dialogue will take place over the coming days. Reinhold was chosen because he is very passionate about pro-poor development and because of his work in his communities to address climate change and aspiration to be a force for environmental sustainability in Namibia. This gathering will explore the causes of our environmental crisis and how our actions today impact the human community well into the future, as well as national and local responses to climate change mitigation throughout Africa. It will explore predictions regarding the state of Africa’s rivers and lakes, as well as inroads toward small scale agriculture and indigenous farming practices. What are the sustainable and rural interventions to combat pollution and deal with climatic changes impacting Africa’s waters and agriculture?

In Reinhold's words: 'I hope to learn about the current state of Africa’s biodiversity and the critical factors shifting ecology and wildlife, new alternatives to combating and mitigating climate change and new practices towards a green and sustainable economy.'