Namibian Journal of Environment Launched

Progress Namibia - Namibian Journal of Environment Launched
12 December 2017

Last week, the Namibian Chamber of Environment, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, and the Namibia University of Science and Technology launched the Namibian Journal of Environment. The journal is financially supported by the private sector and represents a public-private partnership. The NJE is an electronic, online journal which covers a wide range of disciplines, including ecology, biodiversity, social, economic, urban, energy, water, to sustainability and policy issues. There are no charges to authors for publishing, and articles are open-access. The journal provides a platform for Namibian scientists to publish in-country. It also provides a platform for science graduates to submit their research for publication, in order to build up their track record during their post-graduate studies. In the past, these young science graduates have not had access to a national peer-reviewed journal and as a result there has been a lack of opportunity to build up research and publication experience resulting in our country not being able to properly bridge the transformation from science graduate to scientist. This journal hopes to bridge this transformation.

The first volume of the journal is out! Volume 1 consists of nine peer reviewed papers, and four in the editor-reviewed section, 13 in total. Here are just some of the interesting publications coming out:

Section A (peer reviewed papers):
Growth and mortality of bush encroaching species
Vegetation of the Auas-Oanob Conservancy
The influence of debushing on soil fertility
Effect of rangeland management on burrowing mammals
Biodiversity zonation in a transfronteir park

Section B (editor-reviewed contributions):
Rethinking rangeland management in Namibia
Improving soil fertility with national resources
Addressing informal settlement growth

And more! One volume will be published per year with new articles added on a continual basis. If you have some interesting research and are thinking of a journal to publish in, or are a young budding science graduate wanting to turn your research into a paper, please go ahead and find out how to submit here.