Namibian Education for Sustainable Development Policy is underway

Progress Namibia - Namibian Education for Sustainable Development Policy is underway
13 November 2017

After a month away seeing the consequences of ocean acidification on coral reefs (a very depressing sight and all the more reason to encourage all of us sustainable practitioners to keep up the hard work), we are finally back and in full swing to bring you a few Weeklies before we head out on our December break. For this week, we decided to share with you some progress on the much awaited Policy on Education for Sustainable Development.

Sustainable Development Goal 4 (Ensure Inclusive and Quality Education for All and Promote Lifelong Learning) illustrates the importance of education in our quest for a more sustainable and equitable global society. Namibia, through the Namibian Environmental Education Network (NEEN), with support from the Climate Project of Hanns Seidel Foundation, and other partners, have been conducting consultations with sustainability educators of Namibia to develop our National Policy on Education for Sustainable Development. Progress Namibia was fortunate to recently review the Policy, as well as its Implementation Plan. The Policy and its Plan are ambitious, and take on the challenge of disrupting the status quo towards a true transformation to a sustainable Namibian society. The (draft) Policy recognizes the importance of education in moving us forward, and takes on some very important elements for change - such as trans-disciplinary and systems thinking.The Policy targets not only formal institutions such as pre-primary, primary, secondary schools and tertiary institutions; it also sets out, in its Implementation Plan, a communications strategy that also targets policy makers, media, and the public at large. We would like to thank the individuals who have worked very hard at putting this policy together, and are excited to support the team in pushing it through the final stages. Watch this space in the coming months for news on progress!