Mainstreaming climate science into Africa's development

Progress Namibia - Mainstreaming climate science into Africa's development
24 May 2016

Progress Namibia Associate, Mr Ezilon Kasoka, is on his way to Gaborone to represent Dr Justine Braby at the Southern Africa Regional Workshop for the Climate Research for Development (CR4D) in Africa, which will be taking place between 25 and 25 May.

The CR4D is an initiative that aims to facilitate integration of the Africa climate research community (scientists and institutions) with end-user climate information needs. These are the first steps towards building an effective network or climate scientists and practitioners in Africa to better create platforms for integration of climate science into development planning for Africa.

The Gaborone workshop aims to build on ongoing collaborations and initiatives such as the outcomes of the SADC Regional Climate Outlook Forums (RCOFs). The workshop will target different players and stakeholders in climate science, services and policy in the region to collectively discuss a collaborative and inclusive strategy for identifying and co-designing priority user-driven climate research and how outcomes of new research could be transitioned into applications. Non-State grassroots players and actors in the climate enterprise such as NGOs and CSOs will also be invited to engage with regional climate community in prioritizing sector-responsive research with the aim of enhancing and improving climate information and services for decision making in the agriculture/food security, water, health, climate-related disaster risk reduction (DRR), and energy sectors.

More on the progress of the workshop as news comes in from Ezilon.