Let's talk about Real Economic Transformation in Africa

Progress Namibia - Let's talk about Real Economic Transformation in Africa
26 June 2017

This week, acclaimed author and political economist Lorenzo Fioramonti is joining us in Windhoek. Progress Namibia has organised various platforms for him, including meetings and interviews with media, politicians, and most notably a public lecture on Wednesday evening. In his short time with us here in Namibia, he will be bringing to life the real examples and innovative research that shows that breaking free from the growth mantra, we can build a better society that puts wellbeing at its centre.

Beyond growth and beyond GDP strategies have taken the international stage over the recent years, and many leading economists are following the path toward a new model of human progress, among them Nobel Prize winning Joseph Stiglitz, and IMF head Christine Lagarde. Many are arguing that we need to find a new measure to assess the health of our economies and the people living in them.

Those of you who read the Weekly regularly, will know that Progress Namibia has been working at identifying new measures to do exactly this. For those who are not aware, you can find more information here. Lorenzo will be discussing this paradigm shift globally and how Namibia can pioneer this shift towards an economy for all. Please come join us on Wednesday at 17:30 to listen to his public lecture 'Real Economic Transformation in Africa: Breaking free from Growth and embracing Wellbeing'.

Picture credit: Centre for the Study in Governance Innovation, http://governanceinnovation.org/lorenzo-fioramonti/