Global Transformation starts with I

Progress Namibia - Global Transformation starts with I
07 August 2017

'The story of industrial civilization tells us that limitless economic growth, advanced technology and material affluence are the pathways to prosperity. But as we reflect on the world today, it is clear that it is failing both people, and planet. We know this in our heads and feel it in our hearts. And yet, it seems we have not yet found a new story by which to live. We are the generation in between stories, desperately clinging to yesterday's, but uncertain of tomorrow's. But then again, perhaps the new story is already with us. Perhaps we just need to live it into existence.'

These are the introductory words of the documentary called 'A Simpler Way: Crisis as Opportunity', that features a community in Australia that piloted a simpler, more sustainable way to live, in response to the global crisis.

The global crisis requires the system to change, and, like the Sustainable Development Goals require, we need to completely transform the way humanity operates in the coming years, if we want to still live on a habitable planet. In fact, even if we weren't in crisis, just for us to lead happier and more fulfilling lives, we should change. This change needs to start with ourselves.

Picture credit: Cartoon by Polyp,