Dr. Justine Braby

Justine is the Director of Progress Namibia Technical and Advisory Services. She holds a PhD in Zoology, a Post-graduate Diploma in Environmental Law, a Post-graduate Certificate in Education (Senior and Further Education), and a BSc in Zoology (all: University of Cape Town). She has extensive experience on climate change, sustainability, biodiversity conservation, and the effective communication of such themes. She has a large portfolio of work ranging from developing, implementing and evaluating different projects and strategies all over Africa. Most of these projects are under the GEF umbrella for implementing agencies like UNDP, UNEP, FAO and various African governments. Justine is the Climate Change Focal Point for the IUCN's Commission on Education and Communication, and has worked on developing and implementing the CEC's strategic plan as support to the Chair. Justine's biggest passion is the redefining of value systems towards a more equitable world.

Email: justine@progress-namibia.com

Blog: www.sprouts-of-change.blogspot.com

Twitter: @JustineBraby, www.twitter.com/justinebraby

Mr. Reinhold Mangundu

Reinhold is the Programme Officer at Progress Namibia, and is part of the core team. He joined the team last year for his in-service training at the Namibia University of Science and Technology while completing his Bachelor in Regional and Rural Planning. Reinhold leads a few programmes, including youth development and sustainability awareness programmes. He is very passionate about pro-poor development and is keen to learn creative and innovative ways to be part of progress in Namibia. Growing up in Walvis Bay, and always having been involved in environmental issues, Reinhold has an intrinsic link to our connection to nature and the importance of sustainability in our development path. He is also the new Communications Officer for the Namibian Youth Coalition on Climate Change, a committee member for NEWS (Namibian Environment and Wildlife Society), and a committee member of the For Progress Namibia Project. Reinhold has started his Honours in Regional and Rural Planning at the Namibian University of Science and Technology.

Email: info@progress-namibia.com

Mr. Ezilon Kasoka

Ezilon is an Associate of Progress Namibia, and provides technical advice and guidance for climate change-related projects focusing on Southern Africa. As a Malawian, Ezilon's big passions are how African communities can improve livelihoods through increasing resilience to climate change. With an academic background in education and sustainable development and working towards finalising his Masters degree in Climate Change Management, Ezilon has continued to pursue a variety of post-graduate trainings in sustainability. Ezilon has worked on climate change issues for a decade, and has extensive experience in Southern Africa. He is part of the Malawi Government team currently developing the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) for the country. He served as the Regional Coordinator for Southern Africa of the African Youth Initiative on Climate Change for two years (2010-2012), and continues to be actively involved in this area in multiple roles (including advisor to successive coordinators). He has worked previously as the Climate Change Coordinator for the Sustainable Rural and Growth Development Initiative (SRGDI) and currently is positioned at the Anti-Corruption Bureau in Malawi where he develops policy frameworks for improving service delivery, conducting staff training and education, and leads audits of various systems and procedures.

Mr. Hamzat Lawal

Hamzat is an Associate of Progress Namibia and lives in Nigeria. Hamzat is a communications, marketing and IT specialist and has coordinated grass-root campaigns in over 40 African countries. He has had almost a decade of experience in the non-profit sector specialising in practical issues associated with climate change, open data and management and development policies as they affect rural communities in Africa. Hamzat is the Co-founder of 'Follow the Money', a grassroots data-driven movement. Hamzat is currently the Co-Chair of Connected Development (CODE), a non government organization [NGO] whose mission is to improve access to information and empower local communities in Africa.

Ms. Jessica Lavelle (PhD cand.)

Jessica resides in South Africa and is an Associate of Progress Namibia. She is currently undertaking her PhD at the University of Cape Town, holds an MSc in GIS and environmental management and a BSc (Hons) in conservation. Her doctoral research focuses on local governance of natural resources in Namibia specifically sustainability, access and benefits of non-timber forest products. In addition she is a researcher at CapeNature determining how best sustainable tourism can stimulate local economic development and promote biodiversity conservation. Prior to this she worked for five years with rural communities in northern Namibia supporting community-conservation including natural resource management, development and management of natural product social enterprises and capacity building in biotrade and community-based conservation. Other interests include supporting the development of small-medium enterprises and when she is not busy with research she travels the world enjoying language, culture, diving, trekking, snowboarding and white-water rafting.

For Progress Namibia Team

The For Progress Namibia Team is made up of all the actors who are working on our current activities under our For Progress Namibia Project. For more information on the project, please go here.

The committee is made up of the following individuals:

Dr Justine Braby (Director of PNTAS cc)
Mr Johannes Mulunga (Young Achievers member and Medical Student at UNAM)
Mr Namene Nekwaya (Physics Graduate of UNAM)
Mr Fikameni Mathias (Journalist at NMH)
Mr Reinhold Mangundu (Student at NUST and Young Professional at PNTAS cc)
Ms Jessica Lavelle (PhD Candidate at University of Cape Town)
Ms Marie-Jeanne Ndimbira (PhD Cand., Director of Twamanguluka cc)