Games for the SDGs

Progress Namibia - Games for the SDGs
Progress Namibia partners with the Hanns Seidel Foundation Namibia, National Youth Council, and the National Youth Coalition on Climate Change, as well as the Namibian University of Science and Technology on 'Games for the SDGs'. This is a series of monthly games aimed at citizen awareness and active participation of and for the Sustainable Development Goals.

It started with the running a World Climate Simulation game in November 2016 in the run-up to the World Climate Summit in Marrakesh, where we thought it would be helpful for (particularly young) people to understand the complexity of the climate negotiation process. The game was a live simulation (through modeling) of how political decisions directly affected temperature rises and connected consequences (such as drought, famine, flooding, and so on). The game was a success, and the team decided to host one monthly in 2017 to engage interested citizens with sustainability and the SDGs.

By the end of 2017, we had run eight games in total. Our report 'Games for the SDGs: Lessons from a year of using simulation games and tools to create awareness and mobilisation on the Sustainable Development Goals in Namibia' is a short synopsis of each game, and the lessons learned from the process conducting the games over the year.

Thanks to the growing success of the games, and funding support from Hanns Seidel Foundation, the games continued into 2018, where we played 10 games. The report 'Games for the SDGs - A second year of learning (2018)' gives a good summary and self-assessment of the games. We hope that you can download and find it useful! We also played various games at various different places, including for lecturers at both of our universities (NUST and UNAM), the Scientific Society of Namibia, and the Ondangwa Youth Conference.

Hanns Seidel continued to offer to fund the Games Series into 2019, but we decided that we needed to have the Games spread further and be taken up by new young upcoming Namibians. So we conducted a 'Training of Trainers', so to speak, and trained 10 young Namibians to be able to facilitate the games, and even develop their own games around the SDGs. The Namibian Youth Coalition on Climate Change will be taking over leading the games this year, and will be running six games at the House of Democracy (with funding support from the Hanns Seidel Foundation); but also making the games mobile to take them to schools, universities, and many other places.

If interested in joining a game or want to have a game come to you, please contact Maria at