Africans Thriving

Progress Namibia - Africans Thriving
In November 2016, Justine was invited to participate in the WE-Africa Lab, a lab that brings together thought leaders and change agents from all sectors of society to co-create ideas and transformative actions for a wellbeing economy. Over the course of one year, the Lab intends to stimulate critical thinking and innovative practices for the achievement of social, political and economic transformation in Africa.

The Lab was organised by the action-research network WE-Africa (of which Justine is also a member), the Global Leadership Academy and the African Centre for a Green Economy.

The lab is meant to be experimental, risk-taking, personal, social with a sense of reality, and is facilitated through experts from the Presencing Institute at MIT.

The first meeting took place at the end of November in 2016 at the Verde Hotel in Cape Town. A great photo documentation has been prepared for the participants, please check it out here.

Three meetings will take place in total, and in between there will be lots of collaboration and action on moving the wellbeing economy forward.

Justine formed part of a group called 'Africans Thriving', which will be focusing on collecting narratives on what it means to live a 'good life', what would an 'Africa Thriving' look like to fellow Africans. Once the narrative is built, we mainstream this through media and other channels, and develop metrics to measure how to get there.

The work that the Lab is focusing on is eco-centred and trying to shift human societies away from ego-centred ways of thinking.

Already, Justine and the For Progress Namibia Team are collecting stories from fellow Namibians to form our Namibian narrative. Watch this space for next steps.